daily bible reading

Interested in reading the Word in 2018 with other LifeGaters? Roots is a simple way to read The Bible everyday and engage in community with other LifeGate members. 

Simply download the YouVersion app and click here to browse through all of the Roots Groups to find one just for you.

Prayer & Care Information

We believe that everyone can walk in freedom through Christ. We would love to be able to talk and pray with you about what is going on in your life and help you move forward in your journey.

Prayer & Care Resources

Is there a specific topic that you have questions about? We want to answer your questions! Click to here view one of these common topics to learn more.


Prayer Request

We have a Pastoral Care Team available that would love to talk with you, provide biblical guidance, and pray for or with you. Our Care Team is available Monday – Thursday 9-4 and after hours, for emergencies. In addition, you can also request to speak with a counselor or ask for prayer here.